LinkedIn and Social Media

It’s been a week.  I worked at Microsoft for just over eleven years.  I am in the process of branding a company focused on various aspects of technical training, public speaking, mentoring and IT consulting.  One of the jobs I have found is answering questions about the use of LinkedIn.  It’s fun and like most training, as the instructor you benefit from questions by learning more than you knew when you started.

I plan to share some of the most common questions, tips and tricks and best practices here on my blog posts, so let’s start with your public profile URL.


hover over Profile and click on Edit Profile


hover over your public profile setting to customize it – click on the gear.


this will take you to the public profile URL page – where you can change the address to something easier to remember or share with others.

I use this same name on other social media sites so once someone is connected to me, it’s easy to find me elsewhere. (not shortened, but stilldrey)


stilldrey is my Xbox gamertag – because I used Windows Phone too long and stilldrey was already taken.


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