Tips and Tricks Word 2016 for Windows

I promised a tip for Windows next.  I tested this on a Mac hoping it was a cross platform tip, but it’s still a Windows only trick today.  I discovered one of these and then the other in Word 2013, but it’s been around since at least Word 2003 as well (there’s a link to another article for Word 98 which was a Mac version, so maybe it originated on the Mac, like Word and the Office Suite itself

)  When you are in Word and you want to focus on the layout or the look of a document more than the words, sentences, paragraphs, etc. Use the following =lorem() and press enter.


Here is how you enter the “non-localized, pseudo-Latin sample text” in Word (it also works in PowerPoint or could be copied/pasted into other programs)

It’s handy and can control how much text is placed into the document.  If you use two numbers in the parenthesis separated by a comma, you get the number of paragraphs and then number of sentences specified – (2,4) would produce two paragraphs each with 4 sentences of “non-localized, pseudo-Latin sample text”.  Since it’s Windows only, the files could be saved from a Windows version and then used online or on a Mac or mobile/tablet version of the apps.


Here’s the default output of the lorem feature.

Watch for more features in Office applications coming next week.

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