Tips and Trick Office 365 Groups and Outlook

I was teaching a tips and tricks session today on Outlook for Mac focused on various aspects of scheduling.  Shared calendars came up and we discussed various forms of shared calendars as well as Office 365 Groups.  On the Mac version of Outlook, you don’t see groups, but you can see them from the Web version.  You can also decide when you create an appointment whether to only have it on the group calendar or also on group members individual calendars.  Here’s how I put an appointment only on the group calendar (these screen shots are from Outlook and Internet Explorer on the PC.  The left shows the email a user receives when they join or are added to an Office 365 Group (it has a link to view the group from a browser) the right shows managing the group’s calendar (separate from an individuals calendar).

What if you want everyone in the group to be able to reference appointments or a schedule without cluttering up each member’s local calendar?  This would be one of a few ways to accomplish that (manage the group’s calendar but don’t send the invites to members)

If the appointment makes sense to have on my local calendar as well, I would check the Send an invitation to the group – if not it’s only on the group calendar.


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