Post of the week of 12/19

Here’s a post for the holiday week – it includes a hardware tip from my father, John and a software tip for any platform.  The hardware tip is for any printer.  My dad stopped by to have us assist him with some mailings.  He had some labels to print and walked me through mail merge (something I have not had the need to learn yet).  When we were getting ready to load the labels into my printer, I suggested we run a test page to figure out how to load the labels (should the label be on the top or bottom?  Which side is the top of the page, etc.  My dad showed me the picture on the bottom of the tray that helps you load letterhead, labels, or any other kind of special paper.

There is also an Office Insider program.  Similar to the Windows Insiders, this gets you early access to the Office features that are coming to Mac, Android, iOS and/or Windows!  Since this can be your productivity suite, a secondary system or a virtual system might make sense for features that are early in the cycle, but fortunately I use Parallels on my Mac computer so I can virtualize Windows and Mac OS X on the same system.  Perfect for testing Office and other applications.


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