Bing Rewards – They’re Real

I get a lot of questions about Microsoft scams – it seems like the amount of email threats, scams, and phone calls from people pretending to be Microsoft (or another computer company) must be making someone somewhere money.  We have taught our kids if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.  That’s why I was really proud when both of them didn’t believe me when I told them about Microsoft Rewards (“how do you get real money from just using the computer and Bing?!?!”  my son asked).  This is that too good to be true offer that’s real.

You don’t get paid directly – Bing Rewards is something you opt into with a Microsoft Account.  It allows you to collect rewards for what you already do – surf the web, search, use a mobile device or tablet.  My son is quickly becoming the expect in Microsoft Rewards.  He shared the news with his younger sister who is now old enough to earn rewards as well (you have to be at least 13 years old –

Sam has already turned some of his Bing Rewards into gift cards.  I think he was more excited about this than working for me in our new business (which he earns a lot more than just Bing Rewards for).  Stay tuned for another “too good to be true” offer involving online training from DESA Enterprises.

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