DESA GOOD Drives Launch!

Tonight I build an ecommerce website in an hour (more on that later), but in doing so, the first DESA GOOD (Get Out Of Disaster) Drives are now available to order.  What’s a Get Out Of Disaster drive?  It’s a portable, USB 3.0, 1 TB hard drive with Windows 10 Enterprise (Evaluation) 32 bit installed on it that you can boot an infected, malware infested, or just downright problematic computer from and Get Out Of Disaster (GOOD).  Then you will find yourself in a fresh, infection free, no malware, faster operating system.  Because the DESA GOOD Drive is running a separate copy of Windows 10, whether your computer is running Windows 10 or another version of Windows, this “fresh” copy is the version in memory and your current hard drive is not shown (avoiding any harm from viruses, malware, ransomware, etc.).  The DESA GOOD Drive comes with instructions to attempt recovery from various disasters.

You won’t have your apps (because it’s a separate copy of Windows 10) and by default you won’t see your hard drive in the computer, but with the DESA GOOD Drive instructions you will learn how to:

  • access your computer’s hard drive to back up and access important files
  • scan the computer’s hard drive to identify it there was a virus or other type of problem
  • load drivers for video, networking, printing if not included with Windows 10 for your computer model
  • use the DESA GOOD Drive in a non problematic or another computer (how to put it to work before you need to Get Out Of a Disaster)
  • other use cases

The DESA GOOD Drive ships to you with a 32-bit version of Windows 10 Enterprise.  Why the 32-bit version?  The hope is to be compatible with the oldest of computers and some of those might be 32 bit only.  The other reason is the 32-bit version of Windows 10 is slightly smaller so more room for files you need/wish to recover.

Once you use the DESA GOOD Drive, you have a 90 day evaluation of Windows 10 Enterprise.

DESA Enterprises developed and sells the DESA GOOD Drive.

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