New – Mac and PC offerings!

As I look at the training available, and remember my 10 year history with Apple hardware, it occurred to me how I learned the macOS.  I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for training, but to learn the macOS, you need one thing – a Mac computer.  At Microsoft, we brought in a number of rented iMacs right after an Office launch to show how it could be used cross platform (and a Mac could even be booted into Windows physically or virtually).  I decided with DESA DRIVE to also offer affordable training for Mac.

Next week, I’ll launch three offerings – virtual Mac training (you access a Mac securely through the Internet), physical Mac training (you rent or purchase a Mac computer and do the training on the device) or a hybrid of the two (low end hardware rented or purchased and for any higher end lessons, you access a more powerful system remotely).

Here’s where the Mac offerings differ from the PC offerings – greater flexibility.  A Mac computer allows you to virtualize both it’s OS versions AND Windows client and server versions locally.  You could take a Windows version of Office class on a rented Mac and then at the same time or right after that, take an Office for Mac training class ON THE SAME HARDWARE (or virtually if you don’t have a Mac!)


A Macbook Pro running Windows Server, macOS Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra, as well as Windows 10!

Learn at your own pace, flexibility in how and where you learn, networking with other students.  DESA DRIVE (Delivering Relevant Information Via Experiences) launches Monday – at!


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