Windows Key + PrtSc (or Command + Shift + 3)

Screen shots – they can be great reminders of error messages, or of something you want to show others.  I discovered Windows Key + Print Screen in Windows 8 by accident (I thought I was pressing Alt + Print Screen which takes a screen print of your active window that you can paste into email, Microsoft Paint or whatever other program makes sense).  Windows Key + Print Screen actually CREATES the screen shot for you and places it in a Screenshots folder under Pictures.


Dual Monitors on a Lenovo – both screens are captured – and this is Screenshot (47) on that computer!

The screen shots are sequentially numbered, and I have not run into an upper end.


On macOS with multiple displays, the screen shot pictures are placed on the desktop and there are separate files for each screen


One comment

  1. Mark Stonham · February 21, 2017

    Even better is using the latest version of MS Word got to Insert, Screenshot and Screenclip to get a partial screen image into the Word Document. Then SaveAs to create an image.

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